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Andrew ‘Juboo’ Winfun, 2026 5’11” 190lb RB, racks up four TDs in first varsity spring game.


By Rion Young

MS High School Sports Page

Twitter MacCorleone74

Andrew ‘Juboo’ was toting the rock very well in his first spring game. The 2026 6′ 190lb RB scored four touchdowns for North Pontotoc Thursday.

Juboo runs with great vision and patience like most good RBs. He already has the instincts to hit the right hole to help get the most yards out of each play. He also is very good at staying low while he runs the ball. He doesn’t rise straight up. Winfun does a great job of running behind his shoulder pads making it hard for defenders to get square hits on him.

Winfun also did a great job of pass blocking in their spring game. He was very great at not getting bull rushed or faked out while protecting his QB.

He is just in the class of 2026 and I think predictions are hard right now for this young man. Andrew can grow to be a great RB on the next level if he stays on the pace he is on now. In the right workout program he will continue to gain more muscle and lose fat. He has a nice build and to add more muscle to that frame will make him even better.

The more he works on his footwork and getting in and out of his cuts the better he will be. “I plan on working on improving everything about my said,” said Winfun. “I’m just trying to perfect my craft to the best of my abilities!”

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