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Live Thread for MHSAA State Football Championship Games

Despite the tumultuous road it took, we are finally ready to see state championship football action.

Stay tuned here for live updates on every championship matchup from 1A to 6A.

The first game kicks off at 11 A.M.


Here are the options to watch the 3A game between Noxubee County and Magee LIVE

Magee taking the field. They will receive.


Magee forces a turnover on downs at the Trojan 36. Magee takes over there.

Magee 0, Noxubee 0
8:32 1Q


Rupert connects with Antonio Fowler on an outstanding 42-yard catch. 2pt no good.

Noxubee Co. 6, Magee 0
7:09 1Q

Magee answers right back!


Chandler Pittman finds Kyerston Tucker all alone on the slant for a 14-yard TD catch.

Magee 7, Noxubee 6
3:13 1Q

Rupert breaks a long run but loses the football. Magee takes over after the recovery on their own 11.

Magee 7, Noxubee Co. 6
1:16 1st Quarter

Magee with the ole snapped it over the punters head-wait no the upback has it-play and it’s good for 46 yards and a first down at the Noxubee County 33.


Rupert finds the big fella Demone Cunningham over the middle for a 15 yard score. Score came after an excellent kick return. PAT no good. @SocialSportsMs

Magee 13, Noxubee 12
8:49 2Q

Touchdown Magee. Chandler Pittman runs it in from 8 yards out.

Magee 20, Noxubee Co. 12
6:14 2nd Quarter

TOUCHDOWN TIGERS Bobby Shanklin around the end for a five yard score. Tie game after the 2pt conversion. @SocialSportsMs Noxubee 20, Magee 20 4:03 2Q

TOUCHDOWN TROJANS Why not? Chandler Pittman with yet another TD accounted for. 3 yards out. Huge score. 2pt good. @SocialSportsMs Magee 28, Noxubee 20 44 sec. 2Q

Jared Redding and Walker Bailey discuss the first half. HALFTIME: Chandler Pittman and Chrishard Rupert putting on a show for both Magee and Noxubee. Trojans lead Noxubee 28-20 at the break.


Magee’s offense is on the field and the second half is underway.

On cue! Touchdown Magee. Chandler Pittman makes absolute magic and finds Kyerston Tucker from one yard out. Magee opens their lead to two scores. Magee 35, Noxubee Co. 20 7:32 3rd Quarter

Magee is trying to break this game open.

FUMBLE | Magee recovers as the Tigers mishandle the option pitch and Magee falls on it. Trojan ball at the Noxubee 26 yard line. @SocialSportsMs Magee 35, Noxubee 20 6:22 3Q

This game is officially busted open.

TOUCHDOWN TROJANS Caleb Bridges around the outside. @SocialSportsMs Magee 42, Noxubee 20 5:42 3Q

Noxubee will not go quietly in this game and they answer with a Chrishard Rupert sneak.

End of 3 quarters of play: Magee 42, Noxubee County 26 Magee has 1st & 10 at the Noxubee 24 when play resumes. 12 minutes for the first title in twenty years for Magee.

Rupert’s pass is picked off by Caleb Bridges and Magee is back on the throttle. Ball on their own 31.

Magee 42, Noxubee 26
8:09 4Q

TOUCHDOWN TROJANS There’s the dagger. Jawon Shaw into the end zone. Trojans are close to ending the drought. @SBLiveMS Magee 49, Noxubee 26 1:58 4Q

FINAL: Magee 49, Noxubee County 26. Magee ends a twenty year state championship drought. Chandler Pittman was fantastic. The new 3A state champions are the Magee Trojans.

PREGAME: It’s David vs. Goliath here in this Class 1A State Championship game between Lumberton and Biggersville. @WalkerBailey8 and Jared Redding preview this dandy here. This preview was brought to you by Grisham Insurance and Mi Toro Mexican Restaurant.

TOUCHDOWN PANTHERS Guess who? Robert Henry takes the handoff on the opening drive and caps it off with this TD. 2pt no good. @SocialSportsMs Lumberton 6, Biggersville 0 7:32 1Q

John Eaton comes up with the strip sack and recovers the fumble for Biggersville. Big time red zone stand there for the Lions.

End of 1: Lumberton 6, Biggersville 0

Trevon Jessie leaps and gets the interception for Lumberton. Panther ball at the Biggersville 25.

Touchdown Lumberton. Robert Henry drags three Lions into the end zone to extend the Lumberton lead. Henry is good on the two point conversion. Lumberton 14, Biggersville 0 3:15 2nd Quarter

Lions get a big play to the 5 yard line but it is wiped out with a tripping penalty. 1st and 40 for Biggersville.

Halftime Lumberton leads 14-0.

Touchdown Biggersville. Goldman Butler finds Dylan Rowsey to reach pay dirt from 7 yards out. Two point conversion is good. Lumberton 14, Biggersville 8 7:52 3rd Quarter

TOUCHDOWN LIONS Butler ties the game. However, 2pt fails and the game remains tied. @SocialSportsMs Biggersville 14, Lumberton 14 58 seconds 4Q

Knylan Willis catches a 42 yard bomb for Lumberton to retake the lead. Unbelievable. 2pt no good.Lumberton 20, Biggersville 14 24 seconds 4Q

FINAL | 1A State Championship Lumberton 20, Biggersville 14

Last game of the night is Oxford and Oak Grove.

Oak Grove strikes first after an Oxford 3 and out.

TOUCHDOWN WARRIORS That didn’t take long. Just four plays in, Courtland Harris finds the end zone from 8-yards out.

FAKE PUNT FAILS. Warriors take over at the OG 44. Not a good start for Oxford. @SocialSportsMs Oak Grove 7, Oxford 0 6:59 1Q

Warriors lose the football on 3rd and short, but recover. OG punts. Charger ball at their own 11. @SocialSportsMs Oak Grove 7, Oxford 0 4:50 1Q

TOUCHDOWN CHARGERS That drive was NWO. Michael Harvey rolls out and finds Kortlen Wilfawn for an 11-yard score. Oxford 7, Oak Grove 7 1:33 1Q

END 1Q Oxford 7, Oak Grove 7

Charger 3-and-out. Oak Grove ball at their own 43. @SocialSportsMs Oak Grove 14, Oxford 7 7:06 2Q

TOUCHDOWN CHARGERS Oxford responded right back. Omar Howell from six yards out. @SocialSportsMs Oxford 14, Oak Grove 14 3:06 2Q

Warriors punt, Chargers now with 1:35 left in half to score. Tied up at 14-14


Second half is underway

FUMBLE | Chargers recover Barnett drops the football and Chargers fall on it. Ball at their own 41. @SocialSportsMs Oxford 14, Oak Grove 14 8:05 3Q

FUMBLE | Warriors recover Oak Grove gets it right back. Wortham loses it on a tunnel screen. Ball at their own 38. @SocialSportsMs Oxford 14, Oak Grove 14 6:47 3Q


FUMBLE | Chargers recover Three consecutive turnovers. Oxford falls on the loose ball at OG’s 41. @SocialSportsMs Oxford 14, Oak Grove 14 5:48 3Q

End 3Q: Oxford 21, Oak Grove 14

Oak Grove punt, Oxford ball at their own 30. @SocialSportsMs Oxford 21, Oak Grove 14 6:54 4Q

PICK SIX TOUCHDOWN OAK GROVE Michael Harvey tries to throw a tunnel screen and Warriors make him pay. 30 yard return. @SocialSportsMs Oxford 21, Oak Grove 21 6:15 4Q

FINAL | Class 6A State Championship Oak Grove 29, Oxford 28 @SocialSportsMs Redemption. Warriors win their first state championship since 2013.

This ends day 1 of the MHSAA championships.

We are ready to go for day 2 of the MHSAA championships:

Schedule: 4A: Poplarville vs. Louisville, 11p 2A: Taylorsville vs. Calhoun City, 3p 5A: West Jones vs. West Point, 7p



TOUCHDOWN HORNETS Avon Jarvis will not be denied on 4th-and-goal. Poplarville came to play, folks. Opening drive score. @SocialSportsMs Poplarville 7, Louisville 0 4:10 1Q

That was a very methodical opening drive.

Louisville with their own nice drive being put together

TOUCHDOWN HORNETS BOOM goes the dynamite. Greg Swann finds an open hole in between the guard and tackle and he’s gone 63 yards to score. Three possessions, three scores. @SocialSportsMs Poplarville 14, Louisville 7 10:35 2Q

SACKED | TURNOVER ON DOWNS Hudspeth can’t get the first down and Poplarville gets the first stop of the game. @SocialSportsMs Poplarville 14, Louisville 7 4:22 2Q

TURNOVER ON DOWNS Hornets open the second half with a red zone stop. Poplarville ball at their own 12. @SocialSportsMs Poplarville 14, Louisville 7 4:05 3Q

END 3Q Poplarville 14, Louisville 7 @SocialSportsMs The Hornets are 12 minutes from their first state title. Can they hang on?

Going for two for all of the marbles

It is good! What a gutsy play call and effort there!

FINAL; Louisville wins 15-14. Great game. Up next is the 2A title game

2A game is underway

INTERCEPTED Jackson Lee throws it without his receiver looking and Dereco Crosby takes advantage in Wildcat territory. Taylorsville 0, Calhoun City 0 10:35 1Q

TOUCHDOWN TARTARS Quick capitalization. Three plays later, Ty Keyes throws it 11 yards to Tyrese Keyes. @SocialSportsMs Taylorsville 7, Calhoun City 0 9:42 1Q

Taylorsville foces a Calhoun City 3 and out

Taylorsville forces a TOD, and BOOM. Next play, Jeffery Pittman breaks loose for a 97 yard touchdown run. Ty Keyes CATCHES a two point conversion. Taylorsville 21, Calhoun City 0 7:34 2Q

Taylorsville in complete control

TOUCHDOWN TARTARS Ty Keyes scrambles and finds Tyrese Keyes all alone in the end zone from 26 yards out. We may need some mop up duty. Taylorsville 28, Calhoun City 0 4:54 2Q

Halftime; 28-0


TOUCHDOWN TARTARS Ty Keyes finds Jeffery Pittman all alone in the middle of the field and goes for a 30 yard TD. The onslaught continues. @SocialSportsMs Taylorsville 35, Calhoun City 0 5:57 3Q

FINAL Taylorsville 42, Calhoun City 0 @SocialSportsMs Tartars run away with their ninth state title. Also, this was the largest margin of victory in the MHSAA State Championship era (1981) since 1998 (Smithville 56, Pelahatchie 8).

PREGAME: History will be made on one side or the other in this Class 5A State Championship. Will West Jones finally bring home a gold ball or will West Point dethrone South Panola as kings of MS high school football? @SocialSportsMs@WalkerBailey8 and I preview this game here.

Mustangs to get the ball to start

Nice opening drive for a TD:

One first down for West Point. That’s it. Green Wave punt and Mustangs fair catch it at their own 24

Alan Follis is picked of by West Point

END 1Q West Point 7, West Jones 6

TOUCHDOWN MUSTANGS Good ole Cannonball formation. Kentrel Pruitt scores his second of the game. PAT good. @SocialSportsMs West Jones 13, West Point 7 9:22 2Q

Mustangs force a punt. Mustang ball at their own 40. @SocialSportsMs West Jones 13, West Point 7 6:36 2Q

This is SMASH MOUTH football

TOUCHDOWN MUSTANGS Kendorean Russell finds the end zone out of the cannonball. @SocialSportsMs Ladies and gentleman, is this the team? West Jones 20, West Point 7 2:35 2Q

TOUCHDOWN GREEN WAVE What just happened?? Ball pops lose at the line of scrimmage and Kanhan Daniels takes the ball 39 yards the other way. @SocialSportsMs West Jones 20, West Point 14 41 seconds 2Q

HALFTIME West Jones 20, West Point 14


TOUCHDOWN MUSTANGS More special teams shenanigans and Alan Follis’ legs lead West Jones downfield and Follis finds the end zone from five yards out. What a wild second half so far. @SocialSportsMs West Jones 27, West Point 20 9:20 3Q

TOUCHDOWN GREEN WAVE On 4th-and-1, Cameron Young takes it straight up the gut and goes 10 yards for six points. PAT good. @SocialSportsMs West Point 27, West Jones 27 3:00 3Q

END 3Q West Point 27, West Jones 27 @SocialSportsMs The conclusion that we all deserved for the 2020 football season. Buckle up, folks. History will be made tonight.

TOUCHDOWN MUSTANGS Kentrel Pruitt with the hat trick. Three touchdowns on the ground, this one from 3 yards out and West Jones takes the lead. PAT no good. @SocialSportsMs West Jones 33, West Point 27 11:20 4Q

INTERCEPTED West Point picked off by Mustangs’ Deonte Crosby. Green Wave need a stop here bad. @SocialSportsMs West Jones 33, West Point 27 9:58 4Q

West Jones is the 5A champion

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