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By Rion Young

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Jeremiah “Jerm” Harrell can sling the football. He is a 2024 6’3″ 185lb QB out of Tupelo, MS who is a true general for the Golden Waves.

Jerm has been very impressive this off-season following a great performance in their spring game against West Point. He is a pocket passer that also gives a threat for the run.

Jerm is a guy that doesn’t have to take off even though he has good speed and quick moves. He can thread the needle with his passes. He can make any throw you want to see a QB make. He gives his receivers a chance to make plays. Jerm doesn’t overthrow receivers a lot. He has amazing accuracy and knows how to make the right decision. He makes great reads and has the patience to allow longer plays to develop.

Jerm is also great on the move. He has a long frame so he stands tall and releases a good ball on the move. He keeps his head on a swivel and can make accurate throws even when he is in motion. He does a great job of using the right mechanics to make good throws. He has nice feet work. He turns his hips well and he puts a nice spin on the football.

“Jeremiah is a great kid,” said Coach Ty Hardin. “He will continue to grow as he learns the game. He listens well and makes good choices.”

Coach Hardin spoke very highly of his QB. He mentioned that with the great receivers surrounding him, he has a lot of room to succeed.

Jerm has a lot of room to grow physically. He can easily be a 6-4 210lb kid by the time he graduates. He has great manners and carries himself very well on the field. It is going to be a lot of fun watching him and the Golden Wave Football Team this year.

“The off-season has been going real well,” said Jerm. “I have been enjoying the traveling, going to the big tournaments and being able to show off our talent. The chemistry with our receivers have been getting a lot better. Especially our two top receivers DP and KD. I think we have chance to get over the hump this season. We just got to stop being so cocky before the season. All we have to do is show our actions through our play.”

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