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Is it Time for a Change at Mississippi State?

Let me preface this by saying I have defended Joe Moorhead since the beginning and I don’t say any of this lightly, but it’s time for John Cohen to admit his mistake and start new. I don’t think he can make a bad hire, especially after what Joe Moorhead has done this season.

In game management has been pretty bad, just go back and look at the end of the Kansas State game. Yes, I know Garrett Shrader was put in a tough spot but that team looked completely unprepared in a 2-minute offense. The amount of penalties against Auburn two weeks ago and how continuous this team looks unprepared and undisciplined.

Fast forward to this week against Tennessee. All of the key players that were suspended due to tutorgate are playing, so there are no excuses if Mississippi State were to lose this game. What happens? Mississippi State loses the game. Not only did they lose, they got their butt kicked by a very bad Tennessee team. Moorhead also chose to start Tommy Stevens over Garrett Shrader. Why you ask? Who the hell knows, but that in itself should be icing on the cake for John Cohen to fire him. The lack of energy on the sidelines and how unprepared this team continues to look in road games just isn’t what Mississippi State fans are accustomed to seeing. There was a standard set before Moorhead got to State, since he’s arrived that standard hasn’t been met and it looks like it never will be met.

All in all, this is really just a really bad and disappointing setback for a program that was on the rise. I do think Joe Moorhead is a very intelligent man and his offense has the ability to work, but it just isn’t working out in Starkville. Maybe from the time this is published to the end of the season, something will change and this team will wake up. For now, there just isn’t any reason to believe Moorhead can get the job done anymore. Today, he lost the fans that were still backing him and it’s going to be an improbable task to get anyone back on board.

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