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Sully Reed, 8th Grade Stand Out Hits 403ft HR


By Rion Young

MS High School Sports Page

Twitter MacCorleone74

Sully Reed is making a lot of noise this year as just an 8th grader. He is the starting 3rd baseman for the Queen City (Meridian) Wildcats and he also is a pitcher as well.

He recently participated in the National Power Showcase where he place 4th out of 36 participants and hit 10 homeruns. His farthest one was 403ft with a 96 mph exit velocity.

This young man can really stroke the ball. He already is one of the leaders on this very young, but talented team.

“It’s surreal being able to compete on the 6A level at such a young age. Wouldn’t be able to do it with out my coaches’ and teammates’ trust,” was his response to being a young leader. I was able to check the Queen City Wildcats out against Oak Grove and this young man is very poised at the plate. He is patient and gets good leverage before he swings. He also picks up the ball and releases it very fast playing the field.

He has one of the best cuts I have seen in a while.

His cut is real smooth and he throws his hands around on the ball very well. Sully is batting .370 and he batted .550 this summer in travel ball. Look for his name to ring bells over the next three years.

Sully is a big fan of Austin Riley’s swing. I can sense that when I watch him at bat. “I feel like I still have so much room to grow in every aspect of the game. Faster, stronger, all of that to build me for The future.”

This kid is prepared to produce a great high school career. I am anxious to see everything he will accomplish.


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