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Jonathan Thompson, Jr Gets First Official HBCU Offer


By Rion Young

MS High School Sports Page

Twitter MacCorleone74

Jonathan Thompson Jr receives his first official offer from Miss Valley State University today. This kid is an amazing player who plays the game the way it is supposed to be played.

The CF from Moss Point High School has been very great over the years. I am glad to see his work pay off.

“It feels great I finally have something to show that hard work pays off. Hoping for more to come.” Jonathan has been great on the mound and in Center Field. He has the chance to explore those options going to the next level.

“Since I’ve been coaching I always wanted to be in a position to help our kids get to the next level. I always knew we had kids that could play collegiate baseball, but I was missing the right connections.”

Coach Bridges has been working very hard himself to help his players get recruited!

Jonathan has been clocked throwing an 87 mph pitch. His current batting average is .467. He has played in every game. So far he has pitched in 29.2 innings with 45 strikeouts. He also has 14 stolen bases.

“My favorite player in the MLB is Fernando Tatís Jr. I want to I want to everything I
about my game. I feel like I haven’t reached my top potential in any aspect it and there is always room to improve.” Thompson also stated that he thinks him and his teammate Kiki Ford, Jr both getting offers this year will help baseball players at Moss Point in the future.

Moss Point is another team that has  potential to be great over the new few years. We all know they play good football and basketball, but their baseball talent is great in that area as well.


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