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Jakevion Jones very versatile in 7v7 circuit.


By Rion Young

MS High School Sports Page

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I was very impressed with Jakevion Jones yesterday. He is a 2025 RB from Clinton Christian Academy. He is 6’0″ 205lb RB/SS with skills like a receiver.

Jakevion has some very good hands. This weekend he was playing receiver and was making circus catches every game. This young man is very talented and has been doing great with the Mississippi Dawgs in the 7v7 circuit. He was moving past shorter faster guys this weekend like he wasn’t a 6’0″ long stocky athlete.

Jakevion runs the ball very tough. He is one of those tall running backs that move like Erick Dickerson. He isn’t easy to bring down either. He also is great at pass blocking. That shows how unselfish of a player he is as well.

Jakevion is also very quick on defense. He reads the field very well. With him being such a great offensive player it allows him to use his instincts to make big plays. He has great hands so he won’t miss too many interceptions when the ball is thrown his way this year.

Jakevion is a taller guy that has a long stride when he runs, but he is definitely moving faster than he looks. He gets past defenders very fast and knows how to control that big frame he has.

“I have been working on my speed and endurance. I’m also working extra hard on my footwork so I can make better cuts,” said Jakevion Jones.

Him having better cuts can be scary for a lot of defenders who play CCA next year. He already has the strength to go with his size. Him making cuts to go along with that vision and patience he has is going to make him a lot tougher.

“I love the versatility he has with his size. He can play RB and receiver then go on defense and play safety,” said Kiery Stribling. Founder of Mississippi Dawgs United. “He is just crazy athletic!”

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