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Alex Sanford, Jr. is a true head hunter.


Alex Sanford Jr is a guy any coach wants on his defense. The 2023 LB needs no introduction. He is an Oxford Charger that gets the job done. The 6’2″ 240lb LB has twelve offers and looks to pick up more this season. He already has twelve offers with the latest being from Middle Tennessee State.

Sanford is a head hunter, go getter, etc. Everything that comes along with being a dawg at the LB position. He has great size and technique at the interior LB spot. Sanford makes very solid tackles. Good hard blows that make RBs start tip toeing around the second quarter. Nobody wants to keep running in that hole with Alex.

Watching his film was very fun. This guy gets to the ball and read keys like the old school LBs. Sanford knows where the play is going before it even starts. I can tell he watches and studies films very well. He also sheds blocks and gets to the carrier. He doesn’t play patty cake with lineman. It’s a quick press and to the ball he goes.

I think he has the size and talent to help a school early at the next level. With more training he will be very prepared to step up soon as he hits a campus this fall.

“I have been working on my speed, change of direction and my pass rush moves,” said Alex. “I really like the 4-3 defense because I can be at edge to go get a sack.” Alex is very great blitzing as well. This young man is very prepared to hit the next level rolling.

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