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Ole Miss extends offer to Jeffery Rush, Jr

Jeffery Rush, Jr was extended an offer from Ole Miss today. The 6-3 255lb DE from Pascagoula has gotten his first SEC offer.

Jeffery is a very solid DE from the coast who knows how to get to the QB. He is a guy that allows Pascagoula to go with a three man front. He holds down his side with much security and he does not miss on making big plays. Those long arms have fighting hands attached to them that he uses to keep tackles from blocking him. It was not a shock to see him get an offer from Ole Miss.

“It’s truly a blessing to have an offer from Ole Miss,” said Jeffery. “I always wanted an SEC offer and I finally got one so I feel very accomplished right now.”

It took some time for Jeffery to get his first SEC offer. Offers don’t come easy from schools like Ole Miss. You’re talent has to be proven and you have to provide some get up about yourself. Jeffery is worthy of this offer and is a guy who will work hard to prove it.

“A couple of months ago Coach Bolden reached out to me and invited to come up to Ole miss after seeing my film. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it due to transportation issues. Today him and some of my coaches came together to talk about me. He trusts my coaches and based on my film he really likes how i played. After that they called me and told me they want to offer me.”

Jeffery is the kind of player who won’t be satisfied. He is going to continue to go out and make more plays. He will make sure that he gets better to be the biggest help to his team he can be.

“I’m working on my footwork and my decision making in certain situations during games. So basically im working on my mental right now more than physical things.”

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