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Houston super sophmore Jalen Washington turning heads after 2000 yard season

By: Rion Young 
MS High School Sports Page 
Twitter: MacCorleone74 

HOUSTON — You may have heard of Chris Jones, the Super Bowl Champion, Miss State Bulldog, from Houston, MS. Well let me reintroduce you to Jalen Washington. The 2000+ yard running back who is only a sophomore. 

Mississippi football has a long line of great running backs from all over the state. Walter Payton, Marcus Dupree, Deuce McAlister, Tanaka Counselor, Moine Nicholson and many more. We have been blessed to see some tremendous runners in this state.

We (Mississippi High School Sports Page) have been able to reach out to a lot of athletes in our short career of covering sports. A few weeks ago Trell (Kentrell Anders) was able to sit down with the phenomenal running back.

“It’s a great feeling being able to travel the world doing what I like to do. I’m blessed to be in this position,” said Jalen when telling about his latest experiences. He has been on the road a lot lately. The 2022 National Combine at the All-American Bowl, FBU All American Game (freshman year) and with Coach Ryan ‘Rip’ Lindsey. He has played against some of the best talent in not only MS, but all across the nation.

Jalen plays both sides of the ball, but he says he has been playing running back since middle school. “I think running back will be my position at the next level,” is what he had to say when Trell asked about his plans for college. His style is very versatile. He has the perfect combination of size and speed. He is only 16 and has PLENTY of room to grow. 

“Alvin Kamara is a back I watch and love to study. He is an every down back and that is what I strive to be. I think I could get faster, have better vision and footwork!”

Jalen is apart of a very STOUT class. Braylen Burnside, William Eacholes and Trey Petty to name a few. These are some athletes from other schools Jalen said he likes to keep up with. The class of 2024 is very loaded. There will be a lot of big names to sign when their signing day comes in two years.

You don’t see this often, but Jalen enjoys academics as much as he does playing football. It’s always great to see a kid who just loves to achieve and accumulate accomplishments. “Math is my favorite subject by far. I have always been good at it,” is what he told Trell when asked about his favorite subject in school.

I enjoyed keeping up with Jalen over the last two years. Houston hadn’t produced a 2000+ plus yard rusher in over a decade before Jalen came along. If their defense can get better Houston will be a true forced to be reckoned with in 4A later this year.

When Jalen isn’t racking up on YAC (yards after contact) on the field he enjoys fishing and spending time with his family. He also enjoys riding horses. Just a regular kid from Mississippi. Jalen picked the Rams to win the Super Bowl and as you can see, he was right. I look forward to watching him run for another 2000 yards this year 

Jalen has a 3.9 g.p.a. His bench max is 300, 525 Squat and 265 Power Clean. He has recorded a 500 Deadlift, 4.50 40time and a 34″ vertical. 
(2021 Stats 9 games) 
159 carries 
2003 rushing yards 
21 touchdowns 
6 catches 
113 receiving yards 
1 touchdown 

2020 Freshman All American MVP  
Daily Journal: Offensive Player of the Year 
2nd Team All-State RB

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