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Kobe Williams enjoys camp at BAMA

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Kobe Williams has been working very hard this off-season. Big fellow is on a mission to get his name recognized on the recruiting scene. The 6-6 300lb 2024 OL from Amory has been learning a lot and putting his new knowledge to use. He was recently at the Nick Saban Football Camp at the University of Alabama.

“It was a great experience,” said Kobe. “I learned a lot from their coaching staff. They gave us valuable speeches on discipline and being coachable.”

Kobe is a guy that does not shy away from competition. You do not have to call him to the front of the line. He loves to test his ability against guys with great talent. When he fails to defeat a guy who wants to face him again on his next repetition.

“It felt good to play aganist high level competition. It can make me better and when I mess up, it gives me something to go back to the lab and work on.”

Kobe will be going into his junior season. Last season Amory was 3A state runner ups. He has Charleston French in the backfield behind him running the ball. It should be another great run for Amory. Kobe says he wants to make sure he is able to do his part.

“I have became lighter on my feet,” said Kobe Williams. “I’m reading my defenders better by watching their torso and not their head. I’m still working on my punch.”

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