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I think you better call Tyrone

Rumor has it that when Louisville hired Coach Tyrone Shorter as their top Cat, he was referred to them by Erykah Badu, but you didn’t hear that from me.

All Tyrone Shorter knows how to do is win. He has won eight state titles, and seven of them came as a head coach. He has won three state titles in Louisville in only five seasons. He is a living legend in Mississippi football.

“First and foremost, I give thanks to God for my success,” said Shorter. “It takes a lot of hard work and commitment from coaches, players, and everyone else involved. It takes a combination of things to continue to be successful. I’m a firm believer that a head coach is only as good as his assistant coaches. Each year my coaches and I have to adapt our approach based on the dynamics of our team. We understand that coaching goes beyond the game of football, so we have to instill a winning mentality within our players on and off the field. We do this by cultivating leadership qualities within them that help build a cohesive team that works well together.”

Louisville is a program that does not rebuild. They just reload. Coach Shorter has done a great job of keeping great assistant coaches around him to help keep Louisville’s tradition going.

This was only the second team in Louisville’s history to ever go undefeated. They did it with some of the best assistant coaches in the nation. Those guys kept this team in tact all season. Things may seem perfect, but we all know that even during an undefeated season, times can get hard.

“We were blessed that we didn’t have many injuries,” said Shorter. “But one of the biggest challenges we faced this season was coping with the reality that one of our players had to battle cancer. We are blessed that he is now cancer-free.”

Louisville had two slogans this year. #TurnUp412 and #TurnUp4Red was the mission this year.

Coach Shorter knows how to mold men. Not just his player, but as well as coaches under him on his staff. You can see the professionalism with all of his assistants.

“It is an amazing feeling,” said Shorter referring to him having so many great assistants around him. “The tremendous amount of support that I have from my coaches, my family, and the fans make my job that much more rewarding. I am truly blessed.”

Shorter will be coaching in the Under Armour All-American game in January. That is a big accomplishment coming from a coach in Mississippi. Louisville is lucky to have a guy like him running the show.

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