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Reason #2,794 the NCAA is garbage: the Marcus Murphy GoFundMe

Marcus Murphy is an NCAA student-athlete. He is, in our estimation, a future standout for the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

He was a standout athlete for West Point during his high school years.

He is going through a tragic situation and someone trying to assist in this situation is trying to help. According to the gofund me started for him:

Marcus Murphy came into our lives as an athlete on West Point High School’s football team and became family. There have been countless times he has put up with my kids hanging all over him and he’s always done it with a smile. He is a great friend, dad, and son. We’ve watched him grow into a successful athlete and man. 

He is now a son having to endure pains that no young 20-year-old should have to face. He and his sister, Zarcayla, tragically and unexpectedly lost their mom, Demetrick Murphy,  on Monday, January 7th. We know they have strong emotional support in our town, but funeral expenses come with serious financial concerns. 

Marcus Murphy is a guy going through a tough time and a good hearted individual is trying to help. Seems simple and good.

Except, somehow, this may run afoul of the NCAA.

According to MSU Compliance:

This is dumb. And garbage.

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