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King Dante Visits Oregon


By Rion Young

MS High School Sports Page

Twitter MacCorleone74

Dante Dowdell’s trip to Oregon was a good one. The Ducks had the red carpet laid out for him and it seems a new nickname will emerge from this past weekend.

“King Dante” is what they call him!

“A king was born” according to Coach Locklyn and staff.

I love it. Dante is definitely a king on and off the field. He has worked hard enough and has earned that name.

You can tell Dante is truly enjoying the Oregon family. Their fan base has already taken a great liking to the 2500 plus junior running back from Picayune.

Oregon is more known for speed, but I can see the hard nosed rusher working well into their offense. He isn’t all power runs. As we have said before, he is using this offense to work on his speed and passing game out of the backfield.

That’s what makes Dante a true king. He is always looking for ways to make his empire better. In this case his empire is his team, town and community.

“Oh it was great bruh. Definitely all love out there. The campus is crazy,” said Dante’s dad Lawrence when I talked to him after their visit. He has been very instrumental in King Dante’s recruiting process.

I’m sure Dante is looking for a home that will give him that down home southern hospitality Picayune, MS feel. Dante is one of those old school laid back kind of youngsters. He is very humble and carries himself with great dignity. I think Oregon could definitely be a great fit for him.


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