Alex Sanford, Jr has committed to Arkansas.

By Rion Young

MS High School Sports Page

Twitter MacCorleone74

The University of Arkansas is the place to be for Alex Sanford, Jr. Today he made up his mind after a great weekend in Fayetteville.

Alex was amazing last season and there was no surprise he would get a lot of offers. His top three picks were Arkansas, Jackson State and Tennessee.

You can tell on social media Arkansas was very determined to get Alex. It was a great time for Alex and his family. He told me when he broke down his three schools that a family oriented place will be where he will go.

“The family first experience is what made me make my decision,” said Alex. “When I came to Arkansas the people here made Arkansas feel like home. If you look at the previous LBs last season you will see that Arkansas makes sure the LBs make plays. The defense in Arkansas is surrounded by the LB.”

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