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I wouldn’t do a dog the way Louisville did Columbia

The Louisville vs. Columbia game has the whole state in an uproar. Let’s keep it all the way one thousand. Louisville had the better team.

Columbia Press wrote an article indicating their football team was robbed. Their head coach was causing trouble with the referees the whole game. I think what he failed to realize is that Louisville had the same amount of penalties as his team. Louisville penalties costed them more than Columbia penalties costed them. Louisville had 120 yards of penalties vs. 98 yards by Columbia. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.

Whoever wrote the sad article floating around the Columbia community failed to realize that his team did not convert any third down. I think that if the focus was more on adjusting their offense rather than fussing with referees, the results would have been different.

Louisville has been battle tested this season. Three of the teams they beat this season played in a state title game this past weekend, 7A Starkville, 5A West Point, and 3A Noxubee. West Point went on to win a state title.

There were times were Louisville was getting to the quarterback with only three down linemen. Columbia averaged over 38 points a game and only scored 6 against Louisville. They claimed to have the best offensive line in the state, but they did not have over 53 yards rushing. I do not understand why they feel so bad. This was not their day.

Louisville had several bad calls against them. A questionable holding call took away a touchdown early in the first quarter. Three players were lined up offside when they blocked an extra point, but there was no flag. I’m appalled that an article was published discrediting a team that worked hard to accomplish a goal that is so hard to accomplish.

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