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Canton hands Anthony Carlyle his first state championship loss

There was a lot of anticipation before this game. Basketball fans all over the state wanted to see this game. People at home were watching and the crowd stayed on their feet the whole time. A lot of fans were saying that this was the biggest crowd they have ever seen at the BIG House.

“It is not easy to be a coach like Carlyle,” said Coach Townsend, head coach of Canton. “He runs his offense so well, and he always has his team prepared to play.”

Mr. 5A Jamarion Davis-Fleming was on fire this game. He kept his team energized. Every time they needed a big play, they called his number. He stepped up every time they asked him to.

“This is the kind of game that you want to win,” said Davis-Fleming. “When we beat them, they said it was a fluke. So, we were glad to be able to play them again tonight. It was great getting this win in front of all of our fans.”

Canton handed Anthony Carlyle his first ever State title loss. Before tonight, he was 6-0 in the state title games that he coached.

“It was great going against a legend lime him,” said Townsend. “I thank our fans. The whole game was so electric. When I walked in the gym, I started getting chills. I knew then it was real.”

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