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Mississippi High School Sports Page 2021-22 Basketball Awards


By Rion Young

MS High School Sports Page

Twitter MacCorleone74

LOUISVILLE — We had a wonderful time covering basketball this year. It was our first season covering basketball and we were excited to be in the gym and out of the cold football weather. Along the way we have seen some great talent ALL over the state.

It was hard picking these players, but after some help from experts across the state we were able to give out some awards for this past season.

(Featured Image photo credits goes to Jeremy Miller)


Congrats to all the players chosen, our teams of the year and coaches of the year. What you all have accomplished this year comes from nothing short of hard work. It is a pleasure to be able to witness the greatness you produce in our great state.


2 thoughts on “Mississippi High School Sports Page 2021-22 Basketball Awards

  • Deneshia Faulkner

    Thank you Rion! There were so many greats this year. I’m honored that you guys thought that of me!


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